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Connecting brands with consumer's community to collect valuable data
Team WinShot

WinShot is developing a live web analytics dashboard based on crowdsourced model which helps FMCG's companies monitor their on-shelfs availability and out-of-stocks, and reach their full sales potential at informal and traditional distribution network.

Thus, winShot leverages a community of contributors that uses its mobile application, collects on the ground data from informal outlets and gets paid per visit in cash through mobile payment solutions.
The start-up was selected during BigBooster 2017 to benefit from the Booster Camp in Lyon and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community of innovators in 2019 following the 2nd call of applications for the Start-up Booster Track.     


Website: www.winshot.net
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): IT, Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), Retail
Team: 3
Contact: Walid MZOUGHI, Founder & CEO, walid@winshot.net - Tel: +216 24525636

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