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3rd cohort Mentoring Matchmaking Event


Mowgli organises the 3rd and last regional matchmaking event between 15 entrepreneurs and their future mentors from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. Because of the situation, we adapted the format and are now developing and piloting our sessions online, and this usually 3-day in-person workshops becomes a 6-day event spread over two weeks.

After this online regional workshop, the last 15 pairs of THE NEXT SOCIETY Mentoring Programme will start their one-year journey together. Given the situation, this last round of mentoring will be quite special as both entrepreneurs and leaders critically need mentoring that is not only focused on the technical/business guidance aspects of mentoring but that also helps them navigate unchartered times by offering them a space for personal reflection and psycho-social analysis, emotional acceptance and reassurance. 

Mowgli Mentoring’s 360-degree mentoring approach does just that. Mentors trained in this way are able to provide a unique support system which is vital to nurture and build the confidence, adaptability and resilience of entrepreneurs and leaders so that they can navigate the tough journey of creating, building, growing robust businesses.