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Meet the most investment-ready start-ups and make the difference by supporting entrepreneurs who develop solutions to contemporary challenges that can inspire the rest of the region and become good practices.

Ask An Angel: Investors and entrepreneurs are matched for 1:1 individualised coaching sessions.

THE NEXT SOCIETY is committed to encourage Reverse Innovation by supporting the capacity of the most innovative entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean who develop solutions with tangible answers to the challenges faced by the region (food dependency, resource management, global warming, youth unemployment, etc.).

Thanks to its Start-Up Booster Track, the best innovation experts of our community in Europe and the MENA region support these entrepreneurs by giving them the keys to scale their businesses: Venture workshops and IP trainings, mentoring, soft landing in European hubs, acceleration bootcamps and EU trade fair missions.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, we asked our community of entrepreneurs in the 7 countries covered by the initiative what were the local challenges they encountered and what kind of support they actually needed to adapt our offer to the situation. 80% of the respondents declared that their companies were affected by the sanitary crisis with 94% of their business model being very much or extremely affected. Besides, 100% of respondents wished to get support to raise funds while 67% required support to pivot their strategy, both in the form of personal coaching or mentoring rather than group sessions.

Thus, we created the Ask An Angel programme, a highly customized service for 25 entrepreneurs who receive up to 14 hours of coaching in the form of 1:1 sessions with MENA and EU angels in order to help entrepreneurs be investment-ready and prepared for Due Diligence. Masterclasses on technical aspects, online pitching and matchmaking with regional investors complete the individualized support.