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#TechDays: sharing portfolios and business opportunities

The goal of this activity is to encourage inter-cluster collaboration between Algerian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Lebanon, Moroccan, Palestinian, Tunisian and European clusters in order to bring about roadmaps for future collaborations. This activity logically takes place after a range of services – namely diagnoses, mentoring and trainings – that aim at building the capacities of cluster managers, identifying their needs and their understanding of the issues related to clustering. This preliminary work enables to produce a solid material to inspire the design of #TechDays that needs to be a deeper approach in the development of partnerships between Mediterranean and European clusters.

#TechDays are 2-day events including a workshop and inter-cluster meetings where MED and EU clusters are encouraged to share their portfolio of business opportunities. During the workshop, working teams will be formed mixing EU and South-Med clusters based on the cooperation profiles and expression of interest to exchange and identify potential collaboration topics for them and business opportunities for their members. Participants will be invited to present their strategies and portfolio of business & cooperation opportunities; as well as case studies and examples of inter-clustering strategies and working model (complementarities, challenges, direct impacts on their member enterprises).

5 #TechDays will take place between 2019 and 2020 and each workshop will help identify the key challenges to operate inter-clustering and business partnerships and adapt the content of next workshop.