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Policy makers


Meet the most innovative change makers in your country, get international-range analysis and decision-making tools and connect with regional innovation hubs to prepare new strategies and policies.

THE NEXT SOCIETY intends to support innovation ecosystems in the Mediterranean. Logically, the initiative targets policy makers from the region, who are able to give the impulsion to set up a legal framework favourable to the development of innovation and competitiveness in Mediterranean countries.

To do so, THE NEXT SOCIETY is committed to conduct an improvement work of the policy framework putting the private sector in the driving seat on innovation strategy. This work relies on a public-private dialogue by gathering policy makers in charge of topics related to innovation (education, research, industry, trade…) and change makers engaged in innovation and economic development.

THE NEXT SOCIETY’s mission is therefore to make them work jointly on an innovation policy agenda that address the needs of the ecosystem, and foster the establishment of an effective innovation strategy that can contribute to overcome the challenges met by the region.

THE NEXT SOCIETY will bring support to policy makers in this objective, through providing a set of decision-making tools like:

  • Mediterranean dedicated scoreboard of innovation
  • Sector analysis
  • Country review of innovation and competitiveness
  • International benchmarks and presentations by international experts and researchers.