Benchmarking visits & training

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Inspiration and learning tours to acquire new methods and tools

Inspiration and learning tours to acquire new methods and tools

As a result of the diagnosis process, the 24 South Med cluster managers from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia (South-Med countries) selected to benefit from the process will identify the topics which they intend to deepen with the help of their peers in Europe as well as cluster management experts.

On the base of such results, the coordination team of the Cluster Booster Track will define the priority topics and training subjects which will be the focus of four inspirations and learning tours of one week each, to be held in Europe between 2018 and 2020.

Each tour will last for 5 days and  will be hosted by regional agencies for the internationalisation of enterprises in Catalonia (Spain), Wallonia (Belgium), Région SUD Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France) and Piedmont (Italy). South Med cluster managers will have the possibility to participate to in 2 out of 4 tours, according to the topic they wish to deepen.

The tours will be made of training sessions and benchmarking visits and are meant to involve European cluster managers and cluster management experts, with which South Med cluster managers will have the possibility to share their experiences and potentially business and innovation opportunities.

One-week inspiration and learning tours in Europe made of

  • Training sessions

Training sessions will be organised on the key cluster management issues identified during the diagnosis. Cluster managers from the European regions hosting the tours as well as cluster management experts will share their methodology and tools with South Med cluster managers. They will work together on practical cases to facilitate the acquisition of these new methods and tools. The aim is to involve the entire group in the solution in a spirit of “joint training”, which will help to create a sense of community between participants.

  • Benchmarking visits

Complementary to the trainings, South-Med cluster delegations will be accompanied to visit their peers in the hosting European region, so to explore examples of successful cluster-related practices and projects in situ. The contents of the visits will correspond to the ones of the training sessions. This will facilitate their assimilation and make it easier for South-Med clusters to transfer them into specific contexts once they are back home.

Coming up..

The first tour will be held in Catalonia (Spain) and will take place in November (dates to be confirmed). The hosting organisation is ACCIO, Catalonia Trade & Investment.