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ANIMA and THE NEXT SOCIETY Masterclass during Resilient Summer School Digital Africa

Campus Digital Africa

Starting in July 2020, the Digital Africa campus launches its program, the Resilient Summer School, a cycle of seven free #Masterclasses on entrepreneurial resilience in times of crisis in Africa, co-designed and delivered with their partners, including ANIMA Investment Network through THE NEXT SOCIETY and DiafrikInvest initiatives.

This cycle of Masterclasses will focus on the drivers of business development and will address the themes of financial strategy, branding and communication. To satisfy all African entrepreneurs who would be interested, this cycle of masterclasses is given in French and English by renowned experts.

ANIMA Investment Network, through its programs THE NEXT SOCIETY and DiafrikInvest, will lead the second session of Masterclasses entitled "How to communicate and re-evaluate your fundraising in times of crisis" on 16 July 2020, at 16:00 GMT, to work on the concretisation of fundraising, which has been mostly suspended during the health crisis.

Samir Idrissi Kassimy, president of the Moroccan Business Angels Network (MoBAN), investor, entrepreneur and innovation mentor, will host the session and tackle what a pivot might look like for various businesses, how to identify the active investment stakeholders in Africa to leverage your business and the best way to communicate to reassure your customers, clients or partners.

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