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Campus Tour #EU4YOUth in Cairo


After Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine and Morocco, the campusTour lead by EU NEIGHBOURS organises with the EU delegation several events in Egyptian universities to promote EU projects like THE NEXT SOCIETY to students.

The Campus Tour #EU4YOUth is a combination of 360° communication activities aiming to decentralize the EU communication and to increase awareness and understanding of the EU values and the EU cooperation projects/programmes that empower youth in different fields such as: education, innovation, entrepreneurship, culture/media, job creation… and much more.


In this framework, the EU delegation in Egypt organises a visit to the Cairo University on Monday 24 February 2020.

The real purpose of this experience is to:
-    reach a wider niche of the Egyptian future elite in Cairo as well as in remote cities, 
-    gather, mobilize and connect with students across Egypt, 
-    showcase EU-funded projects and programmes that focus on youth empowerment through panel discussions, success stories of young beneficiaries and exhibition/networking session, 
-    highlight education, innovation, entrepreneurship and self-employment as real and sustainable possibilities for the youth,
-    demonstrate the EU’s commitment to help build better futures for students/young citizens.

The Campus Tour in Egypt will focus on Education and Youth Empowerment.