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Cluster Mecatronic Tunisie

Mobilisation of talented people for innovation and economic performance
Team Cluster Mecatronic Tunisie

The Cluster Mecatronic Tunisie is a group of companies and public institutions in the IMEEI sector that work in partnership to influence the country's economic policy, mobilize financing, develop innovative technological products or industrial processes, develop markets and seize business opportunities.

The Cluster Mecatronic Tunisie tends to promote the Tunisian mecatronic environment to develop the following positive results:

  • Creation of added value through high-tech products
  • Improvement of the production through value chain optimization
  • Promotion of the growth climate and attract investment.
  • Development of employment and support of young people
  • Promotion technology transfer.

Created in 2012, the goal of Cluster Mecatronic Tunisie is to build a network of Tunisian IMEI companies (Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic and ICT industries) and to create synergies through collaborative projects in the fields of: Smart Transport, Smart & digital city and Smart Industry.

The Tunisian Cluster Mecatronics Tunisie joined THE NEXT SOCIETY during the Cluster Booster Track in 2017.


Website: www.mecatronic.tn

Country: Tunisia

Sector: Mecatronics      

Members: 96

Contacts: Anas ROCHDY, Manager of CMT -  a.rochdi@novationcity.com; Maroua NOUIRA, Communication & Networking Officer - m.nouira@novationcity.com – Tel: +216 733 677 53

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