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EGYPT Renewable Energy Cluster Initiative

Connect all stakeholders and promote business in renewable energy

The Egyptian Renewable Energy Cluster Initiative - ERECI - is an initiative financed by the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research.

ERECI project aims to set-up a stable cluster organisation in the Renewable energy field in order to support the Egyptian industrial development and enhance the partnership among institutions, researchers and enterprises.

The cluster seeks to accelerate the development of the cluster member companies through:

  • new business development opportunities

  • research and technological development - (RTD)

  • partnering opportunities with EU, international and regional companies and organisations

Created in 2016, the principal purpose of the cluster is to support job growth and  new technology development in the strategic field of  renewable energy.

The Egyptian Renewable Energy Cluster Initiative - ERECI – joined THE NEXT SOCIETY Cluster Booster Track in 2017.


Country: Egypt

Sector(s): Renewable energy

Members: 30

Contacts: Abdel KHALIL, Coordinator Project - khalila2@asme.org; Ahmed ABOULMAGD, Project Junior Manager - a.aboulmagd@staff.cu.edu.eg; Tel: +201 235 678 264

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