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A new start for your old clothes
Team Fabric Aid

FabricAID collects clothes from local NGOs for 0.5 USD per kilogram and through smart clothing collection bins. The bins are equipped with a sensor that monitors the level of clothes in each bin and draws collection routes to increase efficiency. For every kilogram collected through the bins, a partnering charity benefits from 0.5 USD.

Collected clothes appropriate for reuse are sorted into over 70 categories to be sold either through one of FabricAID’s own permanent shops or at pop-up markets for prices ranging between 0.3 and maximum 3 USD per item. FabricAID distribution channels maintain a dignifying shopping experience, similar to the one provided traditional clothes retailers (clothes neatly display, price labels, changing rooms, personalized advice).

FabricAID also sells clothing in sorted bales to pre-existing second-hand shops. High quality revealing female clothing are up-cycled into fashionable clothing items, while clothes unfit for re-use is shredded and used in furniture. The start-up helps protect the environment and support underprivileged communities in Lebanon by offering clothes at affordable prices.                    
FabricAID joined THE NEXT SOCIETY 2nd promotion of start-ups in 2019 following the 2nd call for applications for the Start-up Booster Track.


Website: www.fabricaid.me
Country: Lebanon
Sector(s): Circular Economy    
Team: 16
Contact: Omar ITANI, General Manager, omar@fabricaid.me - Tel: +962 03067447

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