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Saving water system and electromechanical-based device to manage consumption.
Mustapha Lakhdari, Goutra

Goutra is a water saving system based on an electromechanical device that can adapt to the output of all types of faucets; ensuring the telemetry and display of water consumption in real time on faucet.

For each faucet use, the electromechanical device wirelessly sends the measurements of consumption to a storage device which then collects data constantly. Stored data gets processed and analyzed by a software (platform) that provides the user with a very detailed report of its consumption (statistics and advice).

This report helps citizens control water consumption and facilitates an ideal amount of water consumption. The electronic device can be integrated inside the faucet, and the software can be embedded in the storage device with a touch screen or in smartphone and tablet.

Goutra joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2018 through the call for applications launched in Algeria. 


Website: www.goutra.com
Country: Algeria
Sector(s): Water management, Water Saving, IOT, Embedded systems
Team: 2
Contact: Mustapha Lakhdari, CEO | mustapha.lakhdari@goutra.com | +213782352860

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