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 Jordan Innovation Advocacy Panel 2021


On sunday October 31, will be held the final Jordan Advocacy Panel for innovation and competitiveness lead by the Royal Scientific Society – iPARK under THE NEXT SOCIETY.

The aim of this advocacy panel is to present the outcomes of the two technical assistance missions conducted in the kingdom, and in particular the findings of the WANA institute through its report on “3D Printing and Drone Technology: Bans, Restrictions, and Missed Opportunities in Jordan”. This report sought to assess missed opportunity costs – both economic and scientific – of restrictions on the operation and importation of 3D printer and drone technologies in Jordan.
It also made recommendations on how to promote their uses in safe, secure ways, as well as how to more broadly stimulate scientific research and development activities in Jordan through tax incentives.

This panel will also allow to present the outcomes of the consultancy mission conducted for the Development of Suitable Innovation and Entrepreneurship Supporting Initiatives for the Scientific Research and Innovation Support Fund.

This advocacy panel will see the interventions of:

  • Dr. Muhammad al-Jafari, iPARK
  • Mathias Fillon, ANIMA Investment Network
  • Kareem al-Sharabi, WANA Institute
  • Dr. Firas al-Shahwan, WANA Institute