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Team Jwar

JWAR focuses on developing products that compliment innovative virtual services. Its first product, ADCAST delivers real-time virtual advertisements that are relevant to on-site interactions and client needs by using a combination of hardware and software to facilitate and personalise functional in-store experiences specific to each consumer.

Using a fully integrated technical platform, JWAR not only remotely controls any location within their network but provides local establishments with around-the-clock maintenance and support. The JWAR platform consists of innovatively resizing displays to feature ads at predetermined paid intervals, depending on their clients’ personalised needs. Customers are able to choose either a customised L-shaped banner or block logo featured on resized displays. Advertisements are then circulated in purchased time slots of six and displayed for 20 seconds every six minutes.
Jwar joined THE NEXT SOCIETY in 2019 when it was selected to benefit from the Start-up Booster Track support programme in Palestine.


Website: www.jwar.com
Country: Palestine
Sector(s): Marketing IT, Software Development
Team: 12
Contact: Amin SHANA'A, CEO, amin@jwar.com - Tel: +970 594019019

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