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Marble Cluster

Network between institutions and support structures of the marble stone sector

Created in 2018, the marble stone cluster works to create an effective network between institutions and support structures of the marble stone sector. It aims to:
•    Develop the marble stone sector in the country.
•    Contribute to the advancement of the rhythm of the economic and technological development and to the elaboration of joint programs in the field of research and communication.
•    Contribute to the improvement of the value chains of the different fields related and emanating from the marble stone.
•    Contribute to the development of the strategy and competitiveness of the sector at national and international levels.
•    Support any activity that contributes directly or indirectly to the advancement of the marble stone sector.

The cluster has 31 members who are:
•    The company of the industrial and technological complex of Kasserine SCITeK
•    Support structures (CTMCCV ...)
•    Municipality Ennour Kasserine
•    Teachers from various institutes of higher education (ISAM Kasserine, ISET Kasserine, ISSAT Kasserine)
•    Companies of extraction and transformation of marble of Kasserine, Kef and Jendouba
•    Architects

The cluster benefits from the support of some accompanying programs such as the German development cooperation (GIZ) and IRADA of the European Union.

Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Raw materials
Members: 31
Contact: Mohsen BOUTOURI, Chief executive officer SCITeK | clustermarbre@gmail.com | Tel: +216 77 473 851 – +216 97 184 466