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Maroc Numeric Cluster

National strategy for the information society and the digital economy
Team Maroc Numeric Cluster

Maroc Numeric Cluster is a mixed public/private governance structure bringing together several actors: the State, large companies, SMEs, education and research operators and aid and financing organisations with the ultimate objective of bringing out innovative and high value-added projects in the cluster. The cluster offers the four following services:

  • Mobile services
  • Security, electronic payment and digital rights
  • Multimedia
  • Software packages

Created in 2010, Maroc Numeric Cluster tends to develop innovative and collaborative projects with its members & partners, promote digital innovation, mobilise competences in the IT sector,  facilitate  the access to international market, help start ups and medium size companies  at the different steps of their projects.

The Maroc Numeric Cluster joined THE NEXT SOCIETY Cluster Booster Track in 2017.

Watch this video to know more about Maroc Numeric Cluster


Website: www.marocnumericcluster.org

Country: Morocco

Members: 50

Sector: Digital Innovation

Contact: Najat BENYAHIA,  Senior Project Manager – nbenyahia@mnc.ma  

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