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Edtech start-up that identifies and fulfil primary and middle school students’ math gaps using AI

Math is a matrix of concepts interlinked with one another, a small gap can quickly become a gaping hole as new concepts are introduced and expanded upon. Over time, these gaps can lead to lower scores, frustration and may even cause some students to give up on advancing further in their studies.

MATHSCAN have developed an innovative and creative educational content, and adapted ASSISTments -a math education platform that was developed in the US- to the Arabic and French speaking markets.

They have also developed the unique Moroccan math map of skills that enables “ASSISTments” to identify, precisely and at granular level, math gaps of students.

Eventually, they do not only help students to know and learn the missing skills, but we also help them to remember them over time using AI built in “ASSISTments”.


Website: www.mathscan.net
Country: Morocco
Sector(s): Edtech
Contact: Aissam Ouaza  | contact@mathscan.net | Tel: +212-674162081

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