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THE NEXT SOCIETY 5th Policy Lab - Discover the Suez Canal Zone

On October 12th, INSME will guide you online through another policy best practice: the Suez Canal Economic Zone “SCZone”, in Egypt: the area adjacent to the strategic waterway is a special economic zone, designed by the Egyptian authorities to provide favourable conditions for business, decreasing transaction costs, promoting investments, facilitating trade, and encouraging employment generation. Egypt is applying a multisectoral approach to harness the potential of the 12% global trade and 30% of global container traffic traversing Suez Canal, offering vast incentives to stimulate industrial growth, expanding infrastructure, tax and customs exemptions, and simpler administrative procedures.

The Canal has always been a major source of national income, but, over the last decade, the Country succeeded in its goal to transform it from a mere transit area for goods to a proper destination, endowing it with industrial, logistics and development hubs.

The Policy Lab, organised in the framework of the EU funded project THE NEXT SOCIETY, will see the participation of Walid Gamal El-Din, CEO of SCZone, Alessandro Panaro, Head of Maritime & Energy, SRM Center for Economic Studies and Research in Mediterranean area, and a representative from GAFI. The panel will be moderated by INSME Secretary General, Giovanni Zazzerini.

During the Policy Lab, panellists will discuss about the objectives, features and key challenges of special economic zones, analysing the impact the SCZone had on the innovation ecosystem of the region and the possibility to replicate such practice elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

See you online on October 12th, at 11.30 AM CEST.

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