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An autonomous driven cleaner robot able to detect bacteria and sterilize the infected area
Team Revonov

The lack of sterilization creates a propitious environment for infections. Revonov addresses this challenge and develops a mechatronics engineering solution: an autonomous-driven cleaner robot able to detect bacteria and act to sterilize the infected area without any human intervention.

In order to make the product accessible even to lower-income countries, the robot can also be rented. The business model of Revonov carries a social component: to get the disinfected product to hospitals, it will resort to young job seekers to work part-time with their own means of transportation and get commissions to every delivery they make. That way the social enterprise would impact two of the most critical issues in the African continent: healthcare and youth unemployment.

Revonov joined THE NEXT SOCIETY in 2019 when it was selected to benefit from the Start-up Booster Track support programme in Tunisia.   


Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Health
Team: 3
Contact: Youssef JOUDI, Founder and CEO, Youssef.joudi@juniorenterprise.us - Tel: +216 29356316