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Rima Dates

Provide value to downgraded dates and co-products of date production

Rima Dates is based in Ghardaia, city in Algerian Oasis area. Their concept is focusing on low evaluated dates "wich makes the majority of Algerian dates production" with uses of ancien knoledge and their actual education to revisit the traditional dates by products like syrup and vinegar and also integration of new elements to have more attractive products like stuffed and chocolated dates, chocolate filled with dates concentrate.

Also, they assist their Farmars/suppliers by training them on before and post-harvest operation to have good quality production and grading it on different types so they have more incomes and re-invest in their plantation wich creates new jobs.

Also they work with zero waste goal, so even the rest of vinegar and syrup production is used as row material to produce compost.


Website: www.rimadates.com
Country: Algeria
Sector(s): Agrifood         
Team: 13
Contact: Hammou Boussada, Founder | hboussada@gmail.com | Tel: +213 559392890

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