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SMARTWASH wants to revolutionize the car wash by offering its customers a mobile high-end eco-responsible cleaning service.

SMARTWASH offers a professional, flexible, and efficient green cleaning service and all this without having to go anywhere!

SMARTWASH digitizes car wash at through a geolocated mobile application that allows the user to identify the washers available in its perimeter and order an eco-friendly home wash instantly or by appointment.

The originality of the SMARTWASH concept lies in our technicality: All our washes are done using a steam machine capable of cleaning any type of surface (interior, exterior) and thus treat your vehicle in depth for a most impressive result.

SMARTWASH is above all a saving of time, speed, quality performance, respect for the environment and above all a saving of water because one litre of water for cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle has a considerable impact on the environment.


Website: www.smartwash.tn
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Green Tech
Team: 8
Contact: Mohamed Ali BENNOUR, Founder & CEO  | contact@smartwash.tn | Tel: +216-29249000

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