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The smart hydropneumatic flushing system

Leaks in the flushing system are a widespread phenomenon in households and communal toilets. These leaks are caused by failures due to mishandling and frequent use. Leaks generate water loss and cause high maintenance costs. 
SOGHYEN solves this problem and create the hydropneumatic flushing system. It is economic water flush, that does not leak and that withstands frequent use. The hydropneumatic flushing system is remote controlabe so no direct contact between the user and the flushing device is needed which greatly reduces breakdown due to mishandling. It also eliminates bad odors and does not produce any noise when filling the tank. It allows the user to manage the volume of water discharged, needs very low maintenance and fits all type of bowls. 
The solution is developed under two main configurations depending on the kind of usage: a collective configuration intended to public toilet and individual configuration intended to household.

SOGHYEN joined THE NEXT SOCIETY in 2019 when it was selected to benefit from the Start-up Booster Track support programme in Tunisia.


Website: www.elguetitianouar.simplesite.com
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Water saving, Grey water, Recycling 
Team: 2
Contact: Anouar EL GUETITI, Manager, soghyen@gmail.com - Tel: +216 97416658