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Autonomous, safe & environmentally responsible facade cleaning robot
Team SpiceDR

Spicedr is an autonomous facade crawler designed to clean high-rise buildings and facilities while eliminating the use of water from the process. The benefits include safer operations, guaranteed privacy for building tenants, increased efficiency and flexibility for facility managers responsible to deliver cleaning services.

Spicedr has joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2018 when Ghassan and his team came in first place of the Technology Transfer Bootcamp organized by Berytech in October 2018 in Lebanon.

The Spicedr team has developed an innovative cleaning method that eliminates the use of water and detergents as well as a flexible design for their robot which allows it to safely cross over edges between window panels and transition between non-continuous window faces. The robot can operate autonomously when fed the building’s design by determining the optimal cleaning path.

Spicedr plans to disrupt the facade cleaning market both globally and regionally, with the former estimated at USD 41 billion. Spicedr aims to become the reference in facade cleaning by offering best-in-class cleaning services with a seamless transition from manual labor to automation for facility managers.


Country: Lebanon
Sector(s): Robotics
Team: 3
Contact: Ghassan Oueidat, Founder/CEO, ghassanoueidat@gmail.com - Tel: +961 71 345 557