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Technology Transfer Bootcamp: Create your Tech Start-Up!

Are you a researcher or entrepreneur with an innovative technology project and looking to create a start-up in Lebanon? Take part in THE NEXT SOCIETY Technology Transfer bootcamp and learn what it takes to access market and funding opportunities. 

The Bootcamp is organised by Berytech, partner of THE NEXT SOCIETY, online, from 20 to 22 May 2020.

The Bootcamp’s program will focus on teamwork, networking, mentoring sessions with international and local experts, learning, applied knowledge and exchange of expertise. It will aim at helping you explore market, funding, commercialisation and business opportunities and develop a valid business model for your innovation with access to: 

  • Receive technical and practical guidance and interaction with mentors and experts 
  • Develop your own business model and commercialization plan 
  • Assess the right market opportunities and learn about intellectual property 
  • Develop your commercialization and market strategy 
  • Develop a process for market validation 
  • Learn about basic financial modeling 
  • Prepare your pitch to present it to investors and partners. 

For more information: Berytech