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Powerful, quick, and simple online application easing Health-Pharmaceutical orders and invoices
Shahed Jaber

Uniorders is an efficient orders and invoices web application to automate and grow your business. It allows customers to increase visibility and control of all purchase orders and invoices and better manage processes between pharmacies and companies/drug stores established in Jordan.
Uniorders customers will benefit from increased accuracy, reduced orders processing costs, and resolved real-time issues which will improve the team's performance thanks to:

  • Inventory Control and maps products across multiple channels
  • Analytics And Reporting on inventory, sales and contacts
  • Order Tracking in real-time using order number
  • Workflow Automation to validate orders
  • Product Management and inventory catalogue creation
  • Order Management and invoices production in real time

Selected during the Elevator Roadshow in Amman to benefit from the Entrepreneurs Mentoring Programme, it joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2017.


Website: www.uniorders.com
Country: Jordan
Team: 9
Sector(s): ICT, e-commerce, e-health - Pharmaceutical
Contact: Shahed Jaber, General Director | info@uniorders.com | +962-791483348

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