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Helping companies improve their customers web experience.
Mona Lattouf, User Testing Arabic

UserTestingArabic.com makes easy for  businesses to understand how customers and visitors interact with their websites, so they can improve their user experience and get the customer satisfaction. It gathers feedback from real users and identifyies issues that are hurting their experience on your website and mobile app.
Customers just need to create a Test scenario and specify the tasks they want users to do on their website. UserTestingArabic.com will get videos of users testing their websites and several feedbacks in order to protect their brand, increase conversions and revenues, decrease training and support costs, and get amazing experiences to boost their business.   
UserTestingArabic.com was one of the winners of the Elevator Roadshow in Jordan and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2017.


Website: www.usertestingarabic.com
Country: Jordan
Sector(s): Health care, E-Commerce, Banks, Insurance
Companies, Hotels, Educational Services,
Technology, Transportation, Marketing, Government
Team: 5
Contact: Mona Lattouf, Founder & CEO | mlattouf@usertestingarabic.com  |  +962795295826

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