Innovation factories


Adopt a marketing approach and improve your business language skills!

You are a researcher, a teacher, a post graduate, an engineer or a technician and you work in an university or a research institute in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine or Tunisia? You have developed a technology that may be of interest to a business? Apply to our Research to Innovation Labs!

Research to Innovation Labs are challenges that target technologies which:

  • address major industrial, societal and environmental challenges: frugal innovation, inclusion, resource management, food independence, etc.
  • are locally-developed and not necessarily high tech: low techs welcome!
  • have gone beyond the proof-of-concept stage: no focus on research
  • are transferable: no Intellectual Property (IP) issues.

Researchers selected after the call for applications of the Research to Innovation Lab will participate in a “Showcase your technologies!” event to pitch their projects.

Winners will be granted national and regional visibility via THE NEXT SOCIETY regional portfolio i-success and a free access to tailor-made consulting services to accelerate their market entry: marketing, legal expertise, etc. They will also be invited to Innovation 2 Industry events to connect with potential clients during dedicated business meetings!